Moncler Grenoble Collection – Moncler Grenoble Collection

Moncler Grenoble Collection fall-winter 2016 show:

Moncler has showcased its Moncler Grenoble collection portraying Siberian cold to space cold and has expressed the performance of many talented and beautiful people to display their outwears for winter 2016.

Moncler Grenoble CollectionMoncler Grenoble Collection presented in a show that was organized in New York. The show had many dynamic models who presented the brand with their dedicated movement.

The show was intended to showcase the elegance and novelty associated with the brand this winter. The collection is well-known for its special characters.

High-quality garments with elegance and class are prepared and displayed with Moncler Grenoble which is ideal for every type of society and environment.

We can say an appreciable amount of innovations in Moncler Grenoble Collection for the event of display of the collection of fall winter 2016. The collection and design have been moved towards a little luxury associated with the brand as well as the lightness.

If we talk about women’s collection, fine waxed jacket with the combination of the variety of materials was introduced in the show while the collection of men was seemed to be inspired by the men’s fashion of 1960.

The elastic fabrics have composed the garments in that collection. Some garments for snowboarding have also displayed in the show for the first time in the history of Moncler Grenoble.

The primary focus of Grenoble was on lacquer embroidery on outwears and also on waterproof tartans. The dresses presented in Grenoble collection were for every environment ranging from ski slopes to urban environments.

Moncler Grenoble CollectionThe show was started off with 80 models and performers with blue dresses.

The blue dresses reflected the army of the retro future which is marching towards its target with its charming silence.

It was a unique style to showcase the amazing and beautifully designed winter dresses.

The army was marching on stage in different gaits giving the extra interesting touch to the program. The show displayed all the collection from Italy, and France basis since the main purpose of the show was to tempt the audience with warmth and stylish winter outwears.

The best part of the show was to Couturish Gamme Rough by Giambattista for women and Gamme Blue designed by Thom Browne for men.
The performance of the show was accompanied with choreographers in American universities.
The choreographers gave the best performance which synchronized with the harmony and discipline. Urban styles, as well as sports costume, were also given the main display in the show.

The puff coats of the Moncler brand have become even more stylish and have been embellished with matter look and embroidery which imparted more feminine look to the coats. The coats also complemented with a fluffy pair of shoes and aviator hats.

This type of dress code gave the very funky and stylish look.
The whole Moncler Grenoble Collection was filled with symmetrical geometry dresses with lots of colors variety and attractive patterns.